Best Bluetooth Party Speakers (to Excite Your Guests)

Best Bluetooth Party Speakers

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Bluetooth party speakers make it easy to play your favorite songs right from the phone. These musical instruments also save you the hassle of manually changing audio settings and songs during the party.

So, you get more time to enjoy your friends’ company and immerse yourself in the party activities. 

Getting the best Bluetooth speaker for your party can be overwhelming especially if you don’t know what you should look for in a speaker.

That’s why we’ve made this list to help narrow down your search for Bluetooth party speakers.

Let’s dive in!

Summary: 6 Best Bluetooth Party Speakers

Party SpeakerStandout Features
1. Best for a long-lasting batteryJBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker-Balanced output-Long-lasting battery-Loud sound
2. Best for a classic designMarshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker-It’s portable-Durable-Best quality sound
3. Best dust resistantUE BOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker-It’s light to carry-It’s dust resistant-It produces powerful sound
4. Best waterproofSony SRS-XB23 Bluetooth Speaker– Water resistance-Reasonable price -Good sound quality
5. Best speaker with bass up technologySoundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker -Bass up technology -Waterproof -Beat-driven light show 
6. Best Compact DesignPohopa Bluetooth Speaker-Easy to set up-Exceptional value-Great sound

1. Best for a Long-lasting Battery: JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is a well-known audio brand, particularly in the wireless Bluetooth segment.

While the JBL Charge 4 isn’t a significant upgrade over the last generation Charge 3, it’s among the best affordable speakers.

If you like bass music, you will love the base selection here. The speaker comes in a variety of color options.

Weighing 965 grams, the JBL Charge 4 is slightly bulky. The speaker outperforms Charge 3 when it comes to performance, thanks to its balanced output.

Playing music at 50 percent volume in a medium-sized room is more than adequate to fill in the gap with sound.

Moreover, the speaker is too loud for inside use at maximum volume, but it comes in handy in noisy areas such as the beach.

Furthermore, it’s IP7X rated, so you may submerge it in water (if you like). 


  • Balanced, strong sound 
  • You can charge your phone using its
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Takes a long time till fully charged

2. Best for Classic Design: Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Kilburn II is a beautiful selection for individuals who want to carry a portable speaker to their party. It’s a follow-up to the best-selling predecessor.

You get a well-rounded sound and a gorgeous classic amp-inspired appearance with the speaker.

While the bass can have a touch muddy sometimes, it’s terrific for playing guitar songs. The Kilburn II’s portability makes it perfect for traveling.

However, it weighs 2.49 kilograms, so it is heavy. The Kilburn II is also greater than its predecessor in sound quality.

Since it has multi-directional sound and backfiring tweeters, the portable speaker is ideally suited for festivals and gatherings.

The treble and bass controls let you customize the sound to your preference. If you enjoy rock music, then you should consider purchasing a Kilburn II speaker.

However, if you’re a hip-hop fan, you could notice a slightly fuzzy sound. This speaker differs from the 

other speakers with its classic design and portable feel.


  • Crisp top notes
  • Durable and portable
  • Excellent retro style 


  • Faintly muddy bass 

3. Best Dust Resistant: UE BOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Do you want something that can cater to all of your demands, whether for a home party or simply because you enjoy your loud music? The UE Boom 3 could be just what you’re looking for. It provides thumping and powerful audio at high volumes without distortion.

Moreover, it’s light enough to go on a camping trip yet tough enough to rest in a bag unsupported.

There are probably more detailed speakers in the market, but for the third year in a row, the UE Boom 3 strikes all the right notes at a very reasonable price.


  • IP67 dust and waterproof 
  • Powerful sound 
  • Light and portable


  • The audio isn’t as sharp as it should be 

4. Best Water Proof: Sony SRS-XB23 Bluetooth Speaker

Sony is among the most popular and well-reviewed manufacturers of Bluetooth speakers.

The Sony SRS-XB23 is a mid-range Bluetooth speaker with a novel design that shifts the passive radiators up to and down the speaker for better sound.

While the Sony SRS-XB23 does not have the highest sound quality, it appears to be a reasonably priced outdoor speaker that most people will enjoy.

Another feature worth mentioning is the speaker’s IP67 classification, which means the new XB23 is dust and water-resistant.

On battery life, Sony claims 12 hours of music while fully charged. However, this is based on playing music at 50% volume.


  • Reasonable price 
  • It has good sound quality
  • It is water resistance


  • Uncertain battery level warnings

5. Best Bluetooth Party Speaker with Bass up Technology: Soundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker 

Pairing your mobile with Flare is a breeze using the Soundcore app. Once paired, the app gives you complete control over Flare’s functions, allowing you to direct the lights, DJ the music easily, and command the party.

With a customized sound profile, any style of music sounds great on this speaker. This speaker is compatible with Alexa.

To offer Alexa the most beautiful voice imaginable, connect Flare to your Amazon speakers and Echo Dot.

Flare is packed and ready to go wherever the music is needed. Its multiple color themes create atmosphere, and changeable illumination patterns allow you to customize the perfect light display to match your music.


  • Waterproof 
  • Beat-driven light show 
  • Bass up technology


  • The sound is not loud enough while outside

6. Best Compact Design: Pohopa Bluetooth Speaker

The 20W Bluetooth speakers are designed for use in pairs to provide clearer, room-filling, and authentic wireless stereo sound of the highest quality.

Its compact design enhances convenience for transportation throughout indoor and outdoor activities. The LED lights around the outside add even more unique features, particularly for nighttime use.

Twenty LED lights surround the speakers, creating a pleasant ambiance in any location where they are hung or placed.

Pohopa speakers have a small number of control buttons and are very easy to operate. The manufacturer made things easier by using modern technology.

Moreover, this meticulously crafted enclosure coated the speaker bodies in either high gloss piano black or high-grade imitation wood grain.

The handle supports the speaker’s weight, allowing it to be hung outside.


  • Exceptional value
  • Great sound
  • Easy to set up


  • The bass is of poor quality.

Final Word

You should be prepared to use your credit card and start the party after reading this post about the best Bluetooth party speakers.

There may be various options available, but you’re sure to know precisely what you’re looking for if you follow this guide.

Annabelle Rose

Annabelle Rose

We all love parties and good sound and as everyone knows good sound is the basis for a good party.
As a heavy speaker addict, I decided to share what I know with everyone.

Let me share with you what I found on the speakers for the best parties and their pros and cons.

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Annabelle rose
Annabelle Rose

We all love parties and good sound and as everyone knows good sound is the basis for a good party.

As a heavy speaker addict, I decided to share what I know with everyone.

Let me share with you what I found on the speakers for the best parties and their pros and cons.

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